Bountysource is the funding platform for open-source software. Users can improve the open-source projects they love by creating/collecting bounties and pledging to fundraisers.


Getting the best open source code in the world, does it feel hard for you ? Fast and easy with the Bountysource community. Drop a bounty; choose the best proposal, you got it !


Your team is getting crazy, losing time and money to get these bugs fixed ! Let the Bountysource community fix it. A bounty, a solution.


Hacking and security failures have endless costs, and you don’t need advice but operational solutions. Propose bounties, and our best in class specialists will deliver results.

Become Donors

Credit your account and start posting bounties using a Github URL or donate to an existing one with a Paypal account.

Become Hunters

Look for bounties by clicking on “hunt bounty” and choose the bounties you want to resolve ! Then, click on “issue” and “solve issue”.